the best choicefor you to make sure you reach the end!

The good choice

We provide service a quarter of a century for the residents of Sopron and the region. 25 years of accident-free driving guarantee that you safely reach the chosen destination. Our vehicles are always in excellent technical and aesthetic condition awaiting the orders. Call us, and we find the solution to your travel problem for SURE!


If you want to travel safely and on time, Airport Taxi Sopron is the right choice!


We provide credit card payment option, which is unique in the region and a great help, if you travel abroad.

Our offered destinations from Sopron: Vienna, Bratislava

Main destinations: Scwechat (Vienna) and Bratislava airports, which are accessible by a short period of time. These cities are popular flying bases of tourists and businessmen. Of course we take rail transfers and sightseeings of customers' requirements.

We've got good knowledge of the local road-network. If you travel with us, you certainly won't be late. We escort you on demand or wait for you with a nametag at the arrival gate.

Choose the right one for you!

We dispose large, air-conditioned vehicles. Our cars indulge the highest safety, technical and aesthetic demands.

Opel Vivaro

8+1 passengers, air-conditioning, an excellent level of comfort. Ideal for big families, a group of friends and basketball teams (with short bench).

Mercedes Benz CDI220 E-class

Beautiful appearance, comfortable ride, excellent facilities! Choose this car, if you care about confident and stylish appearance. Business class services at low cost!

VW Passat kombi

One of the best and most beautiful model of VW. Great design, comfort and cargo space. Select this car, if you\'ve got big family and a lot of luggage. Don\'t have to pay excess baggage!

You can
also paywith credit card



  (1-4 people) (4-8 people)


60 EUR

85 EUR


75 EUR

99 EUR


Our prices include VAT.

We safely drive you to any other destinations too, and we give individual offer. We offer a flexible solution, even if you call us in the last moments.


Mobil: +36 30 4 228 488




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